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I'm usually an art appreciator. I like arts at random, and my preferences sometimes contradict each other. In general, there'd be nothing I'd dislike in the field of art. OFC, there are exceptions to this. ^ ^;;




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Hi~~ Welcome to my profile~ > u < /
Please call me either nhia or IB. I'm currently a Univeristy student living in Philippines. I'm 19 YES--LEGIT TO WATCH BL NAO-- //shot. I'm pretty much bipolar, and shy with strangers. But, I'm very much friendly and interactive with close friends. ^ ^

NOTE: I'm Bi. I'm open with the concepts of Yaoi, Yuri, and OFC, Hetero relationship types of thing.

My official accounts
Instagram: @nhiaChan08
Contact me at: ll notes

Back-up accounts:

dA Family

Master/Sensei des - Dynn-chama

We're koibitos~

:bulletorange: Current Fandoms:
Anime - Kuroko no Basket, Love Live School Idol Project, SAO, Persona 4, Kimi ni Todoke, Gundam Seed/Destiny, Strawberry Panic, Vampire Knight, Princess Princess, Uta no Prince-sama Maji love 1000%/2000%, Psycho-Pass, C3, Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls, Tenjou Tenge, Strike Witches 1/2, Accel World, K, Karneval, Mirai Nikki, Free!, Devil Survivor 2, Brothers Conflict, Shingeki no Kyojin, Tokyo Ravens
Manga - Momo Lover, Nabi, Noblesse, Love so Life, Liar x Liar, Film Girl, Gakuen Babysitter, Vampire Knight, Suki desu Suzuki-kun, Reversible!
Mangaka - Ikeyamada Go, Hino Matsuri, Takagi Shigeyoshi, Shouoto Aya, Tooyama Ema, Kouichi Kaede, many more
Game - Parasite Eve 3rd Birthday, Persona 3 Portable, Project Diva 2nd, Dramatical Murder/RE:CONNECT
Vocaloid - IA, GUMI, Kagamine twins, Hatsune Miku, MAYU
UTAU - Samura Tomi, Namine Ritsu, Ishiame Aido
Producers - 150-P, Jin, LastNote, Circus-P, Kemu-Voxx, many more--
Vocaloid song series - Bookmark of Demise Project, Kagerou Project, Happiness Series, Bad End Night series

:bulletorange: OTPs
Aoba x Clear - Dramatical Murder
them bad ending having a yandere-ish theme is soo.. :iconfangasmingplz: //shot
Kira x Lacus - Gundam Seed/Destiny - first OTP ever, since 2004
Misaki x Saruhiko - K aksjdhakshdaksd--- what do I say, they're cute together. //shotsobadly
Gareki x Yogi - Karneval fluff-- them fluffy feels.. //faints
Zero x Yuuki - Vampire Knight - people-- they're better together than KanamexYuuki //shot
Levi Heichou x Eren - Shingeki no Kyojin
Shino x Sousuke - Hakkenden

:bulletorange: BIASES - from anime/game
- Clear, Aoba, and Noiz from DMMd
- Suzuya, Tsubasa, Homare, and Kazuki from Starry Sky
- Tsubaki, Azusa, Natsume, and Subaru from Brothers Conflict
- Toma and Kent from Amnesia
- Wabisuke and Atsumori from Gekka Ryouran Romance
- Shuu and Subaru from Diabolik Lovers
- Akihiko and Yu from Persona 3/4
- Hibiki from Devil Survivor 2

:bulletorange: BIASES - CVs
- Mamoru Miyano, Hino Satoshi, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Daisuke Hirakawa, Daisuke Namikawa, Daisuke Ono, Akira Ishida, Kaji Yuki, Kousuke Toriumi, Hiroshi Kamiya, Kenichi Suzumura, Fukuyama Jun, Junichi Suwabe


[S092914][RA} Fire and Ice by nhiaChan
[S092914][RA} Fire and Ice
quick sketch/concept.
title refers to Oliver and Kiorie's respective elemental powers. Oliver being fire, and Kiorie being ice.

will line and color properly after my finals. :iconrazycryplz:

sketch, Kiorie, Oliver, Rosette Academy (c) nhiaChan
[091914]: Goodbye FLYFF PH by nhiaChan
[091914]: Goodbye FLYFF PH
Let's face it, there are some things we just have to say good bye to. 

So, last September 1st, the first online game I played - FLYFF - closed its Philippine servers. Which is so disheartening by the way since I invested a lot of time there. But I'm thankful towards the game as well because I made some friends there too. I'm so going to miss them. :iconrazycryplz:

Goodbye FLYFF Philippines, it has been a fun memory. I'll never forget you. //insertmanlytearshere

** picture features my Forcemaster - Abyssei (dear Ssei, you have been my inspiration for her name change xDD //shot), and my Ringmaster - Rize (formerly known as Detsine, her name change's inspiration is Tokyo Ghoul's 'binge eater' Rize)

Artsu (c) IB Ricio ll nhiaChan
Rize by nhiaChan
quick doodle of Rize from Tokyo Ghoul.
I love her title "Binge Eater" :) <3
RC [BETA]: Axelle Blaine by nhiaChan
RC [BETA]: Axelle Blaine

Did I do this right? I can change/edit if there's mistakes-- ; v ; //plakked

updated: 8-30th-2014           

                * MP: 366

                * GP: 4

                * SP: 3

                [ACU: 2]

                [STR: 1]

                [END: 3]

                [INT: 4]
                * [ITME] Acess

= "Don't be afraid, I'll help you." =

Name: Axelle Blaine

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Height & Weight: 167 cm ll 5"5 ll 51 kg

Birthday: 16th February

Birthplace: Soleca, Quesantine

Previous occupation: Medical intern - Paramedics/Pediatrics

Division: Healthcare



                Snow ll Festivities ll Cold weather ll Mint ll Children ll Elderly people ll Sweets


                Hot weather ll Spicy food ll Liquor ll Perverts ll Revealing clothes



                Optimist ll Selfless ll Clumsy ll Airhead -ish ll Friendly ll Easily flustered

               Axelle is an approachable person, and given the nature of her occupation; she is also quite caring and motherly. She is clumsy, however, like bumping into a wall, slipping on a perfectly clear path, and dropping stuff she's holding. She is also an idiot in some aspects and will ask questions repeatedly. She is quite easily flustered, mostly when somebody flirts with her. The reason is her over-consciousness over her body. Her usual calm self flies out of the window though if she gets drunk. She'll lose her worry over her body and will be quite the perverted brat who likes to strip.

                After going through the recent calamities, Axelle grew more level headed and critical. She retained her optimistic personality and somewhat became realistic as well. She's still idiotic in some aspects though.



                "Fate is kind yet cruel."

                Axelle is an orphan. She doesn't know who her biological parents were as she was still an infant when they apparently died during a snow storm, leaving her to her uncle. Her uncle later gives her up to an orphanage because he couldn't really take care of her.

                When she was seven, she was adopted by an elderly couple who have long yearned for a child. They cared for and loved her enough to fill the gap created by loneliness. She grew up splendidly because of the old couple's warm and kind upbringing.

                She aspired to be in the medical field because of her adoptive parents. They supported her dream, but time didn't let them see their daughter's fulfilled dream. They died of old age when she just turned eighteen. She fell into depression for a while after that.

                The push she needed came in the form of a letter. While she was having her leave, a co-worker from the hospital gave her a letter that was written by her adoptive parents before they died. The letter contained the old couple's affectionate message and sentiments towards her. They relayed that they love her deeply as their daughter and 'thanked' her because she entered their lives. She cried when she read it, and a new resolution was born thanks to that.

                She decided that she will continue on what she started, that she'd help others with their troubles and help them find happiness. Because everyone deserves a happy life. Right?



                "Fate's cruelty resumes."

                Axelle was actually somewhere in Lerise, studying desert plants, when the punishment had happened. She was lucky enough since she was at a city above ground when the earthquakes hit. While the apocalyptic event continued shaking the lands, Axelle remained calm. Even though she was scared and a bit anxious, she helped some of the people near her reach safety. Being in the medical field, she quickly did first aids and assessed the situation after the ordeal has passed.

                Many people were injured, and Axelle also knows that even more have possibly died. She then grew worried after each passing day. If Lerise was hit this bad, what about Quesantine? Her home? The children in the hospital, had they reached safety? Since she had no way to find out, her only option is to check refugee camping sites to know.

                After visiting several camp sites, she came across a rescue official from Hien and was informed that most of Quesantine's citizens had reached safety and are now residing in camps in the said region. Axelle had originally planned to go back to Quesantine anyway but the official persuaded her to not go, and go to a camp in Hien instead. She agreed and was later brought to the Last shield camp. She wasn't going to sit around though, she decided.


Additional Info:

- She dislikes drinking liquor because her embarrassing habits when she gets drunk.

- She is quite skilled in her chosen field despite her clumsiness.

- She likes being said 'thank you' to because it gives her happiness to have helped others.

- She believes that everything will be alright just as long as she won't give up.

- She likes taking care of children and elderly people, because they remind her of her late parents.

- She's a weirdo who can tolerate extreme cold temperaments but not hot ones.

- For some reason, even if she eats a lot of sweets, her weight remains the same.

- She got her hair cut.


Artwork and OC - Axelle Blaine © nhiaChan
:iconrenascentia-camino: © happyfayes



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